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I think that digitized music has already had a massive affect on artists and major record labels already and every year it grows.  This is not to say its positive or negative for either the artist, the labels or the consumer, everyone wins and everyone loses something at some point.  On the negative side for artists, digitzed music is impossible to secure, anyone can share files with anyone, and no matter how hard you try it will always be out these, shared for free.  Sure it sucks for them, but on the flip side of the same issue, your music is reaching people it normally might not have, which can in turn lead to more sales of your music through legit channels.  Streaming services has completly changed how people listen and buy music, so the same can be said here in regards to people sharing but more people are listening.  

Digital music has been good to record labels because they can sell albums without ever having to have made a CD, just digital downloads, this means more profits for them.  They can be angry all they want about people stealing music, sure its wrong and basically illegal, but that’s not going to stop people from doing it, nothing every will.  But they can see how being able to release a album and instantly its all over the globe, no more shipping times or waits.  

As for restrictions, I don’t see those ending anytime soon.  I think it is always a good idea to keep up the fight for stolen content and keeping the revenue where it belongs, but its not a battle you can ever really win.  There are people that are going to steal it and people that won’t, the sanctions just let everyone know where those lines are and you can choose what you do once you reach it.

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