1 A Look Up Essentialism And Briey Dene It In Your Own Words B Does Essentialis

I need help to solve this sheet please it’s about evolution before Darwin and Origins without evolution. this is not quiz or assignment

(1) (a) Look up “essentialism” and briefly define it in your own words: (b) Does essentialism allow for evolution? Yes or No (please circle one) (2) Describe the role of each of the following in preparing the ground for evolutionary theory in the16‘“, 17"“, and 18‘“ centuries. Try to use your own words to Summarize in a sentence or two. (a) cosmology (b) geology (0) natural history (3) Make up an example illustrating Lamarek’s “Second Law,” namely his mechanism of inheritance ofacquired characters. (4) How did Cuvier reconcile variation with essentialism? (5) How did the English natural theologians (e. g., Paley) explain adaptations?

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