1 Alaskan Salmon That Fill The Hold Of Bill And Carla S Fishing Boat Are Fungib

“1) Alaskan salmon that fill the hold of Bill and Carla’s fishing boat are fungible if the salmon area. alike naturally or by agreement or trade usage.b. fundamentally different.c. fun, good, and edible.d. liable to deteriorate over time.2)With a bill of lading, Cartage Common Carrier Company acknowledges possession of certain goods and contracts to deliver them. Cartage isa. a bailee.b. a buyer in the ordinary course of business.c. a good faith purchaser for value.d. an F.O.B.3)Uri sells 100 cases of vitamins to Wanda, but before she takes physical possession, the cases are lost. under the UCC, the parties’ rights and obligations with respect to the loss depend on the concept ofa. physical possessionb. product liabilityc. risk of lossd. title4) Doctors Medical Clinic orders 1,000 bandages from Emergency Supplies Company but fails to specify the sizes. The bandages are delivered in an assortment of sizes. Doctors Medical Clinic maya. accept the bandages “as is” only.b. accept the bandages “as is” or reject the entire shipment only.c. accept only the bandages that it wants and reject the rest.d. reject the entire shipment only.”


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