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For this assignment, you will use the high-level topic and intervention from your Week 4 assignment to propose a mock pseudo-study for your current organization or an organizational context relevant to your program discipline. This pseudo-study will allow you to demonstrate your capacity for engaging in quantitative research methods and performing specific statistical procedures.

Consider the current research on your topic and its applicability to your organizational context. Use this to conceptualize a specific research focus for your mock pseudo-study.

Note: You may select an existing research focus/topic for this assignment, but it must apply specifically to your organizational context. You are not expected to conduct original research for this assignment. However, you are encouraged to challenge your abilities.

Propose the following items for your pseudo-study:

  1. Research Question
  2. Hypotheses:
    1. Null and Research
    2. Variables (independent and dependent)
    3. Levels of Measurement
  3. Sample Population
  4. Sample Size
  5. Descriptive Statistics

I have attached documents. One template is a subsequent one that I completed for the same course. Use it for insight for completing this assignment. You are required to fill the other that is blank.


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