1) the documentary called the devil we know, available on netflix or


For this assignment, you can choose to either watch:

1) The documentary called The Devil We Know, available on Netflix or for rent on Google Play and Amazon (https://thedevilweknow.com/) .

2) The film Dark Waters, out for release November 27th in major theatres.



In a word document, answer the following questions. Response paper should be size 12 TNR font, double spaced, around 1.5-2 pages. You should number your responses, but do not restate the questions in your submission. All submissions should be original and carefully proofread.

Answer the following questions:

1)How did the movie or documentary portray DuPont’s relationship to the residents in Parkersburg? Mention which film you viewed.

2)What role, if any, do you think the DuPont should take in rectifying the serious issues in Parkersburg?

3) What actions, if any, do you think the U.S. government should take following the exposure of this crisis?

4) In class, we’ve talked a lot about protecting company image, delivering bad news strategically, enhancing likeability, saying what you do know rather than what you don’t know, confidently promoting your strengths and accomplishments, and other positive framing strategies.

Could it be argued that DuPont was merely engaging such strategies in their own corporate communication regarding the chemical crisis? How do you draw the line between strategic image management and ethical business practices? Reflect on these questions and whether or not you think DuPont’s response was ethical. Give reasons for your response.


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