2 questions on health care system policy

Hi I need 2 questions for my health policy class. One is related to risk rating/community rating and the other is related to a book called “Mama might be better off Dead” by Laurie Kaye Abraham. For the second question no outside source should be used besides the book! Thank you! Please no plagiarizing from anywhere!

1. Imagine you are a health insurance company representing your school students, and must decide between using risk rating or community rating. Write a persuasive paragraph that supports either risk rating OR community rating. For whichever one you choose, provide at least 2 reasons why the insurance company should choose that form of rating.

2. At the beginning of the semester I described our health care system in the US as one in which there was a focus on acuter rather than preventive care. To what extent is this statement demonstrated in the chapters we’ve read from the book “Mama might be better off Dead” thus far? Discuss this question with 3 examples from characters in the book. (Chapter 1 & 2)


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