2 response discussion: hosting a major event

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Your city is considering host a major event. You can select the event, but it should be on the scale of the Super Bowl, the Olympics, a political convention, and so on. For your initial post, craft an argument from the perspective of the mayor’s office in support of having your city host this event. Address logistics from an intergovernmental perspective (e.g., cooperation, fiscal models, profits, security, transportation). Apply the funding concepts discussed in this module.

Chicago has been chosen to host the next National political convention. This announcement will cover the logistics of this convention.


Hosting a political convention is an important event in the election process. The National political party committee asks cities to submit a bid to host its national convention (Scherer, 2022. p. 1) The committee sent out a Letter of Interest, which Chicago filled out. The process includes a site selection committee to recommend a convention city. The National Committee then coordinates with the local government to discuss the logistics, such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation needs.


According to the Department of Homeland Security (2022), a political convention is a “National Security Special Event (NSSE) and staffed by 2,600-3,000 Homeland Security Personnel” (p. 1) The DHS provides many services before and during the convention, For example, before the convention, the Protective Security Advisors from the Office of Infrastructure Protection, “perform site visits, security vulnerability assessments” and the Sector Outreach and Programs Division performs active shooter preparedness training and conduct active shooter and drone attach exercises” (Department of Homeland Security, 2022, “Office of Infrastructure Protection,” p. 2).

Fiscal Models/Profits

Taxpayers contributed over $36 million to the Republican and Democratic conventions, according to Murse (2019). Murse (2019) goes on to say that “Congress set aside $100 million for security for both conventions in 2012” (p. 3). The Presidential Election Campaign Fund, from Federal income tax returns ($3), helps to fund conventions. The money raised is used for various expenditures, such as entertainment, catering, transportation, and hotel costs.


Delegates and convention attendees need to get around the city quickly and safely. Representatives from the U. S. Secret Service, the state police, and city police departments are involved in making sure that everyone is safe. This is not “a typical transportation management plan” (DeBlasio, 2005, XII). There will need to be road closures around the convention venues. In addition, the public must be informed of the “diversions and restrictions quickly” (DeBlasio, 2005, XIII).

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In your responses to classmates, craft rebuttals from another point of view (e.g., a governmental or nongovernmental agency). Challenge the logistics from an intergovernmental perspective put forth in the initial posts.

For your response posts, do the following:

Write a Post 1 to 2 paragraph

Demonstrate more depth and thought than saying things like “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in the discussion prompt.

Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.


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