21st century careers assignment typology test

Assignment: Typology Test

All students

In this activity, take the no cost, online Jung Typology Test. The Typology is from the HumanMetrics company, which sells other Internet online testing.

After taking the Typology Test, write a 400- to 500-word reflection about your experience in taking it and what you’ve learned.

Enter your reflection as a Written Assignment.

Your reflection is private. Only you and I can read it.

The Typology takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Answer each of the questions according to what your preference usually is. Don’t skip any questions, and go as quickly as you can. There’s no need to linger over your answers!

The Typology is based on the ideas of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, who wrote Memories, Dreams, and Reflections and many other books about human consciousness and our collective unconscious. Later, Americans Katharine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, created the MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator inventory, in which they applied Jung’s ideas to help people understand themselves and others better. The Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. holds the trademark to the MBTI.

Inventories like the Jung Typology Test are based on the work of Jung and Briggs-Myers team, but are not scientifically validated in the same way as the registered MBTI. So, use your Typology results just as a guide. To fully explore your personality type, meet with a counselor certified to administer and interpret the MBTI.

These ideas about personality type – very simply! – can help us understand how we like to use or restore our energy, how we prefer to receive and remember information, how we like to make decisions, and whether we prefer to reach conclusions quickly or keep looking at more options. We can, in turn, match these preferences with different kinds of work or work settings.

The HumanMetrics website has more information. And after you complete the test, your report will give you details.


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