250 words per dq apa 1 credible source

Dq1:A 27-year-old male presents to your office with acute abdominal pain. His mother had to bring him in because he is in so much pain. Blood pressure is 160/98 with a temperature of 100.2º Moderate pain to palpation over the lower abdominal area. When questioned about urinary symptoms he stated he experienced pain during urination that morning. Explain what your next steps would be for this patient including what areas you will further examine, labs, and testing. List two or three DDX that need to be considered with treatment plans for each DDX. Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed

Dq2:A 55-year-old male comes to see you with increased fatigue and “no sex drive.” Discuss important history components. Review any labs and testing that you will obtain, including rationale. List DDX with treatment options and rationale according to evidence-based guidelines. Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed


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