2500words project report

Hey there,

Using the given case study on Good City Council Car Park, each member (TWO Members me and my friend) is to identify their own area of expertise as determined by the SFIA assessment and contribute by developing a component of a system that can be standalone or be integrated in the whole. Write a 2500 word project report. Ensure appropriate diagrams, tables and other relevant artefacts are included. Maintain academic writing with appropriate referencing (10 Academic references please). You must document your assumptions and how they have affected your report. Each student’s contribution must be clearly identified by all team members(2 Members).

Please be relevant to the requirements and be aware about the similarity as this is a Turnitin upload. And also please have a look the assignment rubric as well.
( To develop the component both the group members have to work together and they have to use SFIA skills and contribution of both the group members will be assessed individually.) So make sure when you create this component, 2 people have to contribute.

This is the second assignment and this one is related to the previous assignment one and we have provided the link to that assignment for your reference as well. (https://www.studypool.com/discuss/8459627/write-a-…)

Most importantly,

* SFIA Skills and should develop a component of a system that can be standalone or be integrated in the whole

*2 group members

*2500 word report

*10 Academic references

*always be relevant


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