4 forum posts 2 250 words or more 2 500 words or more see description

Forum Post 1 350 words or more with peer reviewed works cited topic: History of Peacekeeping 1988-present.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the UN ordered a serious examination of the peacekeeping efforts of the 1990s and suggested reforms in the so-called Brahimi Report which we will examine.

These years also saw peacekeeping operations in Burundi, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Eritrea and Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Syria. Such a number of commitments meant that, UN Peacekeepers were stretched incredibly thin and were taking on increasingly diverse missions. These missions required them to develop new strategies to accomplish missions unstable environments with an ever-changing list of requirements and expectations

In this forum we should discuss the types of reforms recommended, and how they played out in the peacekeeping operations of the past decade. What new challenges did they face? Were they successful?

Forum Post 2 writing a legal memo (see attachments) topic legal research and writing between 250-500 words.

Review the fact pattern from Week#4 dealing with Mr. Varney’s daughter who got a dog bite in New York. Assume that Mr. Varney, a citizen of Alabama, filed a complaint in the United States District for the Southern District of New York based on diversity of citizenship against the dog owners, who are citizens of New York, and the hotel, owned by a corporation with headquarters in Delaware. Assume that you are working for a firm that is representing the dog owners. The dog owners have asked you to file a motion for summary judgment. Do some research into the standard of review that the district court judge would apply when evaluating the dog owners’ motion for summary judgment. Locate the applicable cases and Rules of Civil Procedure that the district court judge may review when making his or her decision on the motion for summary judgment. Then, provide outline what additional information, you would need to learn about the complaint to assess whether to file the motion for summary judgment on behalf of the dog owners. Organize your findings and recommendation in the form of a short internal memo.

Forum Post 3 500 words topic is legal ethics.

Attorney negligence and incompetent representation can have more than monetary impacts on clients. Please read this article and write about your reactions in the forum: http://www.fordarlieroutier.org/RelatedLinks/LethalIndifference/front.pdf

Also, try to find a case where attorney negligence had disastrous results and share it with the class.

Forum Post 4 what is the role of a paralegal, 250 words in BLUEBOOK format.

In your Introduction to the Law for Paralegals course you discussed the paralegal profession, the legal system, legal research, writing, and analysis, and other aspects of the law and the law office. One Chapter in your Introduction to the Law for Paralegals text by Deborah S. Benton is dedicated to the Role of the Paralegal. Please answer and discuss the following in this first discussion forum. Please use any of your textbooks and resources from your previous courses to answer these questions. Additionally, please use the following website as resources http://www.nala.org http://www.aafpe.org, http://www.paralegals.org, and http://www.nals.org, in addition to any other helpful and reputable sources or websites that you find.

Of course APUS’ Richard G. Trefry library is also an excellent resource.

1. What is the definition of a Paralegal? What is the definition of a Legal Assistant? How, are they different, if at all?

2. What are the qualifications of a Paralegal?

3. What are some of the general attributes of a Paralegal? Such as effective listening skills, superior writing skills, etc. What attribute(s) do you think is most important and why?

Please make sure you follow all of the instructions previously provided for discussion forums.


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