5 math mini lessons

  1. Develop a 5-day mini-unit that implements five different instructional strategies. The unit plan should be in the High School Math. You must use these required strategies: direct instruction, cooperative learning, discovery learning, jigsaw, and higher level questioning.
  2. Use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” for each lesson. The template must be filled out completely and you must attach all presentations, handouts, and assessments. If you are using websites or videos, provide a link to those sites in the lesson plan template.
  3. Be sure you are considering the unique learning needs of each student. Pay special attention to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the learning experiences planned. In addition, you must guide students in the use of technological tools to gather and utilize the information they need.
  4. Your unit plan needs a cover sheet that outlines the grade level, subject area, and topic that you are covering in the unit. The audience for this lesson would be the High School Math class– these students are the students you would plan this unit for.
  5. Additionally, in a 500-750-word reflection explain how you would determine your students’ mastery of content for the instructional strategies used. Identify acceptable evidence of mastery for each lesson and explain how your assessment(s) of the students’ mastery supports their intellectual, social, and/or physical development. Explain how understanding cultural, ethnic, gender, and learning differences create a more relevant learning experience and promote ethical practice. Finally, include your strategies for collaboration with colleagues for the proper execution of your unit plan.

Cite and reference 5-7 scholarly sources. =

While APA format is not required for this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines,

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