About terms & conditions may apply movie

In this response, you will be thinking about what you learned when watching the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply.”

1. What is one thing you learned from the film that surprised you? Explain your answer.

2. What, do you think, is the main purpose of this film? What does it intend to do? Whom do you think it’s main audience is? Explain your answers.

3.In the film, Austrian law student Max Schrems shows us how Facebook retains all of our information, even after we delete our accounts. In essence, we delete them from ourselves. Does this revelation affect the way you will use Facebook or other social media in the future? If so, how?

4. A common argument by people who are supportive of or indifferent to surveillance is that they have “nothing to hide.” How do the stories of people in the film like Vito LaPinta, Joe Lipari, Leigh Bryan, and other protestors challenge this reasoning?