After watching the movie inside out, discuss the concepts of short to

The Movie Inside Out is an animated movie about an 11-year-old girl and how she deals with her emotions. It is an excellent example of the impact of the memory system and its connections to our emotional well-being as well as the overall learning process.

After watching the movie Inside Out, discuss the concepts of short to long term memory that are emphasized in the movie through identification to specific terminology from the text connecting to key points in the movie. Also discuss the overall impact how the movie exemplifies the learning process from the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course. Be specific with addressing and citing key points from your readings to key points from the movie.

Create your response in a word document with a minimum of 450 words to illustrate your depth in understanding the movie and its implications to the learning process and the memory system. Use the following APA level headings for designation: Brief Movie Summary, Memory System Movie Connections, Learning Process Movie Connections, References. Your document should be in APA format with appropriate in text citations and a reference page at the end of your response.