An Introduction And Description Of Your Crisis Including The Stage Of The Cri

  •  – an introduction and description of your crisis, including the stage of the crisis at which the press conference is taking place; 
  •  – a description of what type of relationship you would want to have with certain   types of media at this point and what you could do to establish that relationship; 
  •  – a summary of how you will conduct a press conference, including what types of   media will attend, who will manage the start and finish of the conference, and who will be the designated spokesperson;  
  •  – and three trick questions that the reporters may ask in this particular situation;   provide your planned answers to these trick questions.  

Research sources to  support your ideas. Your essay should be a minimum of    three-pages in APA format.  You must include a minimum of two sources, at least    one source from the CSU  Online Library.


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