anawer a discussion

Prior to participating in this discussion please watch the video of transformational leaders giving speeches.

Once you have watched the video answer the two questions below in two separate posts/threads. In order to receive full credit for posting you must make two original posts answering the questions and provide two replies to others. Original posts made ON the due date can only earn up to half credit so post early and get the discussion going!

  1. In the video you see speeches by John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan. These individuals are addressing different audiences, at different times, for different purposes, but they use common themes in their speeches. What are some of the common themes you hear? What is some of the common language that is used? Given what you know about transformational leadership, why do you think they (or the speech writer) chose those words?
  2. In the podcast I talk about how the situation is not always right for a transformational leader to be successful. Give an example (either personal or from something you have seen/read) of a successful or unsuccessful transformational leader. What if anything about the context (e.g., industry, marketplace, competition, time in history, etc.) do you believe assisted or hindered the person in their efforts to be successful.


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