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Post an answer to one of this week’s discussion board questions. Choose a question that has not been answered, until every question has been answered. If every question has been answered, then you may choose a question that has already been answered once before. If two other students have already posted answers to a question, then you must choose a different question. This limitation does not apply to your response to another student’s post. You may respond to any student’s post that is interesting to you no matter how many people have already responded. You are required to read all student posts and responses, but only respond to one answer.

Answers and responses should be substantial for full credit. Both writing quality and the content of your answers are important. Answers should have at least three paragraphs (15 sentences) and responses must be at least two complete paragraphs (10 sentences). Your response must add new information to the discussion. Use complete sentences, avoid unexplained lists, and avoid slang. Use a professional writing style at all times.

Remember to include at the top of your posting, the chapter, question number, and the text of the question you chose. Then include the page number(s) in the textbook where you found information about your question. Just to make this a little easier, you do not need to include APA style citations or references in your discuss board. You may use personal experiences, internet sites, journal articles, or books to help with your answer. You may not copy and paste answers or responses from sources. Answers and responses must be written by you. Please put your name at the bottom of each answer and response to help me keep the scores straight.

answer question What is the goal setting approach of motivation? How can leaders apply this method successfully


Chapter 9, Pgs. 366-370

Question 8: Describe the three types of satisfaction components that researchers typically assess on job satisfaction surveys?

The first type of satisfaction components assessed on job satisfaction surveys is global satisfaction. Global satisfaction is an overall assessment of the organization and their job. A finding called the hierarchy effect shows the longer the tenure for an employee at a job, the higher the global satisfaction. The correlation must be a fair assessment; the job is obviously retaining employees due to incentives. Another important factor in high global satisfaction is higher organizational roles.

The second item that is usually assessed is facet satisfaction. This tackles topics such as pay, benefits, promotion policies, work hours and conditions, among others. This is vital because someone can be overall happy with their job but may have issues with certain job facets. This portion of a job satisfaction survey would be perfect to study wage gaps for female and males. Similar to global satisfaction, facet satisfaction remains high among company executives.

The final type of item described is life satisfaction. Life satisfaction concerns one’s attitudes about life. With life being such a broad topic, I imagine this could tackle a lot of different areas. The questions could speak on work/life balance, for example. An employee could have a low score in this area if they haven’t met their career goals yet. A leader can be very influential to a subordinate, so it is important to impact their lives during interactions.


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