Answer these 10 questions of developmental psycology

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Here the following questions attached.


Chapter 9

1. What is the difference between egocentrism in a child and selfishness in an adult?

2. What is the evidence that early childhood is a sensitive time for learning language?

3. What are the advantages of teaching a child two languages?

4. How does fast-mapping aid the language explosion?

5. Why did Vygotsky think that talking to oneself is an aid to cognition?

Chapter 10

1. What did Erikson think was crucial for young children?

2. Why might playing with peers help children build muscles and develop self-control?

3. Why do many experts want to limit children’s screen time?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using induction as punishment?

5. What do behaviorists say about the origins of sex differences and