answering 3 questions after reviewing couple of articles


There are three questions, and each question should be answered from a short article. The third question has to be from the literary theory and on of the stories.

Then links of the articles.

literary theory……

The Questions should be answered fully as minimum of 70 words each.

1- In “The Moths,” what dish do the narrator and Abuelita prepare together? Where does the narrator place Abuelita’s body after she dies? What, if anything, is significant about this?

2- What do you think Chopin means when the Louise Mallard says, “free! free! free!”? Why do you think she dies at the end of the story? Use at least two quotations from the readings to back up your analysis.

3- What literary theory approach are you interested in? (For instance, Freudian/psychological theory, Feminism, etc.) How might it lead to a deeper understanding of one of the stories? I encourage you to use both a quote from the story and one from the literary theory website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.we were supposed to read.


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