argument essay 1500 words

In 2014 Facebook admitted that, along with professors from Cornell University and the University of California, it had participated in a controversial study that involved manipulating the news feeds of nearly 700,000 users. Go online to learn more about what came to be known as the “Facebook newsfeed scandal” and about Facebook’s response to it. What ethical questions are raised when social media companies like Facebook or online dating services participate in social science research? KEY QUESTION(S) TO TAKE A STANCE ON: To what extent should social media sites—including dating services—be free to use or market the information they collect for other purposes?

Using one of the above prompt, write an argumentative essay.

  1. Your essay should
    1. contain a solid thesis statement,
    2. have textual evidence from a minimum of three sources,
    3. be a minimum of 1500 words (approximately 6 pages; not including the WORKS CITED page),


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