assessment of the feedback meeting summary

I need 2 pages summary about the assessment of the feedback meeting.

  • Assessment of the Feedback Meeting. This is a 1-2 page summary of the feedback meeting. Discuss what went well; what was difficult; how the client expressed their reaction(s); and any changes you would make knowing what you know now

Focusing on Phase 2 of Consulting which is Discovery and Dialogue.

Consultants need to come up with their own sense of the problem thus this may be the most useful thing they do; dialogue with client. They also need skill in helping clients do the same.

The questions here are for the consultant are:

– Who is going to be involved in defining the problem?

– What methods will be used?

– What kind of data should be collected?

– How long will it take?


So, I need 2 pages summary about the problem Marcelle has with wine key. Who is involved? What method do we use? What kinds of data will be use and collected?


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