assignment gantt charts

If you consider your path as a student from the first day of class to now, you may observe that you are also working on a lifelong project. In this Application you will reflect on your college-level career as a project and analyze it using standard tools and techniques. A Gantt chart provides a quick and exact view of a project’s schedule.

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a Gantt chart that maps to your academic career—the courses you have taken, the courses you are currently enrolled in, and the courses you expect to take in the future.
  2. Identify the cost of each course.
  3. Indicate the critical path.
  4. Explain what will happen to your graduation date if a core course is not offered during the semester you need it.

Combine your Gantt chart and your responses into a single document. The document should be about 4–5 pages in length and should conform to APA style.

Courses I have taken: Living Learning in Tech World, Fundamentals of Accounting, Intro to Mgmt and Leadership, Operations, IT Infrastructure, Object-Oriented Prgrm Concepts, Info Systems in Enterprise, Statistical Methods, Indigenous Peoples in Mod Wrld, Internet Computing, Social Responsibility, Modern Popular Culture, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Intercultural Communication, Database Management Systems, Racial and Ethnic Identities Courses I’m currently enrolled in: Applied Interpersonal Comm, IT Project Management Courses expected to take in the future: Knowledge Mgmt & Org Change, IS Capstone Project Cost of each course: 1,625.00 Graduation date: November 18, 2018 Started: January 9, 2017


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