athletic development interview paper

students will schedule an interview with an athletic development professional working in the intercollegiate athletics for their final assignment. the purpose of this interview assignment is to obtain direct feedback from an industry professional regarding his or her experiences in the field, best practices, issues, emerging trends, and advice regarding successful revenue generation. Students will submit a five page paper (max eight) summarizing their interview session. The five page submission does not include the cover and reference page. Paper should be doubled spaced, 12 pt., TIMES NEW ROMAN, & APA FORMAT (6TH ED.). Please also submit a separate document with a minimum of fifteen (15) questions that you developed prior to the interview session. The interview paper is not a Q &A , but a free flowing summary of your discussion on their career in the fundraising and the athletic department profession itself. Please insert your thoughts to responses and when applicable, connection to the learning materials covered this term.


* Cover Page & Reference Page (5 points)

* APA fORMAT (5 points)

* Minimum Length of 5 pages (25 points)

* Includes copy of interview questions with min. of 15 questions (15 points)

* Paper references materials covered in the text or other learning materials this term (10 points )

* Quality of writing/ flow of paper (30 points)


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