Basic calculator using assembly language

Project of EE 390 (Term 131): Basic Calculator using Assembly language Due Date: 21st December (Saturday), 2013 (Only Black-board submission will be accepted) Project Description: Write an efficient assembly language program, which will display the following (1) Request the user to enter two (2-digit) decimal numbers and the operation (+ o r -) to be performed. : (2) Display the result of the addition or subtraction (3) When executed, the program should display the following screen: As an example the user need to enter after the message “Enter the 1st Two-digitdecimal-number and the + or – and the 2nd Two-digit-decimal-number:” 34 + 56 Your program should display “The Answer is :” 90 Remember that once I execute your program, it should display the correct answer to score any point. Dr Sheikh Sharif Iqbal Enter the 1st Two-digit-decimal-number and the + or – and the 2nd Two-digitdecimal-number: The answer is: Press Space-bar to do another operation OR any-key to end the program