benefits plan project

The directions to the project are on the powerpoint pages 6,7 and 8. Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic is an independent non-profit outpatient clinic that is of service to citizens of the South-Chicago community involving all their outpatient needs. This health facility employs 32 full-time employees, and 2 part-time employees. Since we are a non-profit clinic, we get our funds from the government, as well as grants and donations. Typically, our annual revenues equal out to around $7.1 million. The CEO has requested a small compensation study of the Office Manager based on three survey positions.

In doing this project, several steps had to be taken to extract and compile data. The first step involved creating an aging table, which was then used to complete a position worksheet based on the three different surveys used. Within the position worksheet, we developed the median market rate, which was then used to create a position range. From the position range, we assess the pay of the incumbent.


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