Bitlocker (operation) | English homework help

Write a 2-3 page report over your security topic. 


The paper should contain a cover page and at least 3 references cited in a seperate reference page.  You should have approval over the topic you chose no later than Monday afternoon.  Please return to the drop box for week 3 to view my comments and approval for your topic.  Your are required to use APA style formatting for your paper, reference and title page.  2-3 pages of content are required, this does not include the title page, reference page and any grphics or tables and charts if you use them.  Remember, this should be your original work, please check out before you begin.


Check out this web site to answer your questions about apa style:


Also, try to have someone proofread your work before you submit it.  You will get deductions for grammar or typographical errors, so having someone proof it is advised.  MS-Word format is requred.


You will need to submit your paper to both the drop box and


In Turnitin, submit your paper to the Security Topic Paper – Week 4 Assignment.


Remember, you need to post your paper to the Week 4 Drop Box as well as


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