business law 139

Now it’s time to look at your business. Pretend you are sitting in an area of your business. This may be a storefront, an office space, a delivery truck, a manufacturing facility, or any other area of your business.

List all potential liabilities related to torts, negligence, or strict liability.

Read Chapter 5 Why do you need a Lawyer and Chapter 9 – What are you required to do by Law

Read Chapter 1, Part 2 – Special Property Coverages

Read more about tort law at the Cornell website.

Think it through…

                          • Go and observe a similar business to yours. Observe where potential liability may arise.
                          • Create a chart and add ways other businesses have planned for, prevented or minimized these risks.
                          • Decide whether any of these will work for your company.

Create an action plan for each of the potential liabilities your company might face. (for example: how will you plan and react to each potential liability should it arise

Don’t know how to write an action plan? Try this resource.

                          • Revise the action plan, if needed, and submit it in Moodle.

                          You may now have an idea about how you will plan, prevent, or react to potential legal liability. But, how will your employees react? If you own a small café and a customer slips and falls in your store, how do you want your employees to react? Is there a particular way that will minimize legal liability?Research how people usually react to potential liabilities in the type of business you wish to start.Script better responses and reactions to the potential liabilities in your business.Create a visual guide for your employees of how to respond should legal issues arise.Upload to Moodle.


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