business law 3 case study

Case Study 1

Parks, a 7-foot, 265-pound center for the San Diego Slick, objected when his contract was assigned from the ABC Corporation to the XYZ Corporation, the team’s new owner. The change of owners did not cause a change in the composition of the team although a new coach was hired. Parks’s compensation and his responsibilities remained the same.

  • Was this contract assignable?
Case Study 2

Andy owes Bill a debt. Bill assigns the debt to Carl for $200, but Carl fails to give notice of the assignment to Andy. Andy pays the debt to Bill.

Consider the following when preparing this essay:

  • Is Andy still liable to Carl?
  • Does Carl have any rights against Bill?
Case Study 3

A dealer sold a new car to Raymond Smith. The sales contract contained language expressly disclaiming liability for personal injuries caused as a result of defects in the car and limiting the remedy for breach of warranty to repair or replacement of the defective part. One month after purchasing the auto, Smith was seriously injured when the car veered off the road and into a ditch as a result of a defect in the steering mechanism of the car.

  • If Smith sues the dealer for breach of warranty and the dealer defends by relying on the contract disclaimer, what would be the result and why?
  • In your essay, be sure to cite information on warranty and UCC Article 2.

These need to be submitted in three seperate essays no more than a page and half each

Will be submitted to turnit.


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