business passport assignment a

Business Passport Assignment (2 points)

1. Please watch the following video by Dr. Gary Grudnitski, Director of Undergraduate Programs and

Professor of Accounting at San Diego State University:

2. In not more than 150 – 250 words, prepare a Portfolium entry for one of your class assignments or events/activities. If the entry represents an assignment, it should include a brief explanation of the assignment, and a narrative that critically reflects on how the assignment demonstrates your achievement of at least one of the goals of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (i.e., effective written and oral communications, critical thinking skills, ethical awareness, global perspective, essential business knowledge). If the entry represents an event or activity, it should include a brief description of the activity or event, and a statement that addresses how this event or activity made you a more competent professional, refined a current expertise or added a new interest, provided an experience in applying what you have learned, or helped create or enhance your brand. To earn two (2) full points, the entry needs to include all required information and must be personalized. Partial information or non-personalized entry will result in a maximum of one (1) point or zero (0) points. Please submit via TurnitIn.

3. To receive an additional bonus point, create a Portfolium account online, upload the entry to your Portfolium portfolio, add an appropriate picture or pictures related to the event or activity described in the assignment, and include the entry’s URL (e.g., along with your assignment.


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