c sharp beginner programming


I have attached an example with the question.


Start to develop a health insurance management program for Continental Community Health Insurance (CCHI). At this stage of development, the program only needs to keep track of some basic information about a patient, including first name, last name, birthdate, and total healthcare expenses. You will gradually enhance the program in subsequent assignments. You need to implement a class named Patient that represents a patient, and a testing program. The testing program should prompt the user to enter the data about a patient and then display a summary.

Sample Dialog

Welcome to the CCHI Insurance Coverage System!

Enter data about a patient

First Name: Faisal

Last Name: Suwi

Date of Birth: 1/1/1966

Expenses ($): 8500

Suwi, FaisalDOB: 1/1/1966 Expenses: $8,500.00

  • Please Every source code a brief description of the code on top.

// <a brief description of the file>


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