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Chapter 3: Studying People

The goal of this chapter, which puts an emphasis on the theoretical differences about the

appropriate means of obtaining social-psychological data, is to provide an overview of the

techniques that sociological social psychologists use to study people.

Learning Activities

1. Read Chapter 3 on the science underlying Social Psychology. Complete the Chapter


Chapter 3 Questions

1. Define, explain, and give examples of the following using the language of social

psychology (S.P.) used in the text. When an idea is credited to a specific name or names,

be certain to give the names.

I. Define each:

a. Social theories

b. Hypotheses

c. Variables

d. Operationalize

e. Independent variable

f. Dependent variable

g. Population

h. Sample

i. Random sample

j. Sampling frame

k. Reliability

l. Validity

II. Define of the Different Ways to Study People:

a. Qualitative research methods

b. Ethnography

c. Participant observation

d. Focus group

e. Quantitative research methods

f. Statistical significance

g. Survey research

h. Secondary data analysis

i. Categorical (or nominal) variables

Chapter 3 Self-Application over lecture

Please refer to the lecture “STATISTICS GOOD AND BAD”

1. Read “Statistics Good and Bad”.

2. On the web or from a library, find an example of survey results that mentions as many as

possible of the concepts given in the lecture. What do these concepts refer to in your

found survey results? If your situation does not allow for finding an actual survey, create

one from your own imagination and detail how the concepts from the lecture could be

utilized in it.

PLEASE REMEMBER you must associate names with ideas when they are given in the chapter or points will be deducted from grade.


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