Case brief | SMGT 305 – Sport Law | Liberty University

 A case brief is a dissection of a legal opinion, containing a written summary of the basic components of that decision. “Briefing” a case (opinion) helps the student understand the rule of law as interpreted by that particular court. Assignment: Each student will carefully read a legal opinion (Vernonia School District v. Acton). Upon reading said case, each student will complete a case brief following the instructions outlined below. After reading and analyzing the case, address the following issues: 1. Do you believe that the original intent of the Fourth Amendment was to encompass searches of students in public schools? 2. Should professional athletes be held up as role models for children with respect to issues dealing with morality and ethics? 3. Did you agree or disagree with the Court’s rationale in deciding the case? 4. Which authority should have jurisdiction (power/authority) over the issue of drugs in athletics/schools? Civil government, Church, Family, Self? 5. Reflect on the case in light of the truths outlined in the Christian worldview. Support your position using various Christian sources (e.g. Scripture, Catechisms, historic Christian Creeds, etc.).