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 Case Study – Listo Systems: The Employees’ Impact on the System

Listo Systems is a graphic service agency with a long history of success. In the early 1990s, the company quickly grew into one of the top graphic service companies in the world.

The rapid growth of technology in recent years has both helped and hindered the company. Advancements in technology have allowed Listo Systems to provide quality services and products faster and more efficiently. However new technology has also been beneficial for Listo Systems’ competitors. The competition has grown significantly in number and in the quality of services and products that they provide. The increase in technology has also led to an increase in customer demands and expectations. Customers want services and products faster and cheaper and will go to a competitor without hesitation if their needs are not met. The advancements in technology have also created new threats to the industry in terms of security and theft of products.

One of the key reasons for Listo Systems’ early success and growth was the dedication and commitment of the employees. Employees worked hard to achieve the clear goals set by management. They were asked for their opinions regarding the direction in which Listo Systems was heading. Employees were engaged and felt empowered to make decisions regarding how and when the work got done.

1. What theories and/or studies could be applied here to better understand what is motivating employees at Listo Systems?