case study 803

Read the case “The Team That Wasn’t” Be sure that you read the case carefully before answering the questions. Also read the questions carefully in order to understand exactly what you are being asked to do.

Please make sure that your answers are based on the application of appropriate theoretical concepts and techniques in the PowerPoint attach file rather than on a gut-feeling that you might have. please use of appropriate concepts and techniques – which demonstrates that we are becoming proficient in the leadership skills covered in this course.

Once you have read the case, answer the following questions:

  • Use the team effectiveness model and other theoretical concepts discussed in this class ( Power Point and articles in attach ) to explain what is causing the problems that the FireArt team is experiencing. Make sure that you identify all the causes and explain their impact on the team and its performance.
  • Which of these problems stem from poor leadership by Eric Holt? Justify your answer.
  • What actions should Eric Holt and the FireArt team take in order to address the problems and causes identified in questions 1 and 2. Use the theoretical concepts discussed in class to justify your recommendations.

Your paper should be 5 pages long and double-spaced.

Note: You must answer each question in full, using concepts and techniques in attach files and justify each answer. The answers must come only from the material included in the case document and articles in attach , and should not be based on any material that is not in attach.


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