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Read the below case case study “Pointsec Mobile Technology”

“Pointsec Mobile Technologies

When salespeople, construction supervisors, managers, and other employees are away from the workplace, many of them carry mobile devices such as laptop computers and PDAs, often containing valuable, private data related to their jobs. Pointsec (http://www.checkpoint. com/pointsec) provides security systems to protect such data. To bring home the vulnerability of mobile devices, Pointsec decided to share information about the number of such devices left behind in taxis.8 The research involved conducting a survey of taxi drivers. Staff members at Pointsec’s public relations firm called major taxi companies in nine cities in Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, and the United States. Each of the cooperating companies put these interviewers in touch with about one hundred drivers. Drivers were asked how many devices of each type—cell phones, PDAs, computers, and so on—had been left in their cab over the preceding six months. From these numbers, they came up with the rate of items left behind. Multiplying by the size of taxi fleets in each city, the researchers came up with city-by-city numbers: 3.42 cell phones per cab yielded 85,619 cell phones left behind in Chicago, for example. In London, the researchers concluded 63,135 cell phones were left in cabs, a startling increase of 71 percent compared to four years earlier.”

and write a paper that provides:

1) An introduction to the case 

2)Explanations of the: 

Flaws in research design in this study, and 

Flaws in interpretation of the outcome of the research 

3)The natural objective of this research, formulation of the research question(s), correct design of the research, and the correct methodology to deduce valid results from the acquired data