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  • Speech of Introduction
  • Speech of Presentation
  • Speech of Acceptance
  • Commemorative Speech     

 Plan your speech.Select an occasion or situation for your special occasion speech.

Review the information we have covered in the course about creating a specific purpose statement and thesis, deriving a question based on the thesis, and using the question to determine the main points to cover in the speech. 

 Submit an outline using the outline format below.

Term 5 unit 8 discussions (5)


Term 5 Unit 8 Discussions

Unit 8 DB: How to Respond to Requests to Act Unethically (LAW204 Business Law)

Imagine that you work for a mortgage broker. You are considering the application for a mortgage for someone who falls below the income threshold. When you bring the application to your supervisor, she tells you “Just approve it. We need to make our quota this month. Who cares if they go into foreclosure!” Referring to the suggestions in your text about how to resist requests to act unethically, what would you do?

Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content. For this discussion board, be sure to include a citation to an appropriate source that supports the point you are making. (HINT: Your textbook is a great source!)

Unit 8 Discussion: Correlation (MAT220 Statistics 1)

Question 8 A
Pick any two variables that you feel may be related and estimate what you think the strength of the correlation coefficient would be for those two variables.  In your response, estimate the value of r.  For example, specify a strong (.7 to .9), medium (.4 to .6), or low (0 to .3) value for r.  The value of the coefficient can be positive or negative.  For example, consider an increase in police patrols in a neighborhood and the number of burglaries that occur in that neighborhood.  I would say that would be a strong inverse relationship with an r-value of -0.8; as one (patrols) increases, the other (burglary rate) goes down.  Describe the factors that you think would contribute to why the variables would have the relationship that you estimate it to be.

Question 8 B
Now that you have completed this course in Statistics, please describe a concept covered in the course that you feel might be of assistance to you now or in the future.  For example, using charts and graphs to graphically describe data at your job, or using one of the sampling methods discussed at the beginning of the course to generate sample data.  Please be specific in explaining how you would use what you have learned in class to your benefit.

Unit 8 Discussion: Applying Knowledge (HSV101 Introduction to Human Services)

Moving forward, how will you apply what you have learned in this course?  Are there things you can apply to your personal life? Professional life?  Future courses?  What topics were most interesting to you?

Unit 8 DB: Financial Statements (ACC215 Spreadsheet & General Ledger Software)

The financial statements must be prepared in a specific order. What is that order and why do financial statements need to be prepared in that order?

Lesson Learned from the study of Principle of Accounting II (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II)

Discuss lessons learned from the study of Principle of Accounting II.

Contemporary organization evaluation | Management homework help

 1,500 words  – Twitter

Choose one organization from your research that has recently responded to major change, or is currently responding to change. 

In today’s fast-paced and global community, most organizations are faced with constant change. Research contemporary organizations that are currently responding to a significant change within the industry, such as disruptive technology; state, government, or industry regulations; environmental constraints; judicial or legislative rulings; etc. 


  1. 1. Describe the organization and the change to which it is responding.
  2. 2. Discuss the degree to which the change has been disruptive and how the organization has responded to the dynamics created by this change.
  3. 3. Evaluate the strategies the organization used in its change plan and determine the level of success the organization experienced with the strategies.
  4. 4. Determine the effect the change had on stakeholders, and to what degree stakeholders have resisted. Assess how well stakeholder resistance was addressed.
  5. 5. Evaluate the overall implications the change had on interdepartmental collaboration.
  6. 6. In your opinion, how well did the leaders of the organization respond and prepare for the change? What worked and what did not work with the strategies they implemented?
  7. 7. What modifications would you suggest the leaders of the organization make in order to better address the change dynamics? What additional strategies would you recommend to assist the organization through this change?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

Employment law tacc | FPX3040 | Capella University

Develop a 3 page workplace harassment policy for either Java Corp or an organization with which you are familiar. Be sure the policy you develop reflects ethical considerations and benefits to both the employee and organization as well as relevant legislation related to various types of harassment. Also, create an 8–12 slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes to present the new policy and to support it with legal and strategic rationale for the selected organization’s upper management.


HR professionals are often called upon to develop new workplace policies to increase an organization’s effectiveness and to protect it from possible legal liabilities. Creating a succinct and comprehensive presentation for organizational management and other stakeholders is a valuable skill to possess.


For this assessment, research sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful workplace harassment. Using one of the scenarios below, consider best practices and approaches for developing an anti-harassment workplace policy. A minimum of seven resources are required to support your approach to the new policy as well as your legal and strategic rationale.


For this assessment, choose either option 1 or 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the instructions below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.

Option 1

You are the new HR manager for Java Corp. The company has just lost a sexual harassment lawsuit and damages include back pay, front pay, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. The plaintiff, Ms. Stapel, was a female manager who had a consensual sexual relationship with her male boss, Mr. Rowe. Both moved up in title and responsibility over the past 5 years. After the relationship ended, Mr. Rowe made several offensive comments to co-workers about Ms. Stapel, without her knowledge. Later, a number of other employees, who reported to Mr. Rowe, made offensive sexual comments directly to Ms. Stapel.

The company has a harassment policy but only referred someone who felt harassed to their immediate supervisor and provided no other avenues of complaint. Your first project for Java Corp is to create a formal policy that will protect the employees, the organization, and all stakeholders. You will also prepare a PowerPoint presentation that could be used as a training tool for new employees on the importance of following anti-harassment policies.

Option 2

Choose an organization to use for this assessment. It can be where you are currently employed or a company with which you are familiar. It must be an organization that is researchable, as you will need to gather and analyze information to complete the assessment. You may use the same organization you selected for previous assessments.

If you choose the organization where you are currently employed, please keep in mind that the analyses you make must be based on facts that can be documented rather than your personal opinion as an employee.

Think about a situation in which an employee was sexually harassed at work. Reflect on what the organization did well and what the organization did wrong.

Research the sexual and work harassment policies of the chosen organization to further assess if the situation was handled properly.


Based on your research of sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful workplace harassment, complete the following:

In a word document, develop an anti-harassment workplace policy that includes the following components:

  • Objective.
  • Prohibited conduct under this policy, including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Complaint procedure.
  • Employee acknowledgment of policy.

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for upper management training. In your presentation:

  • Explain the legal basis for protecting employees from harassment with supporting laws or regulations.
  • Describe different types of sexual harassment found in the workplace.
    • This can include, but not limited to, quid pro quo and hostile work environment.
  • Explain other types of harassment, outside of sexual harassment, to consider in a workplace policy.
  • Articulate how an organization can be at risk of harassment claims and how they can best legally protect themselves.
  • Summarize reporting and investigation procedures.
    • Specifically, discuss how the issue or complaint is brought to HR’s attention, who is involved in the investigation, how the communication process works with those involved.
  • Summarize how the anti-harassment policy should be communicated to employees.
  • Analyze organizational benefits realized because of having a sound anti-harassment policy in place.
    • Consider company reputation, employee morale, retention, productivity, and the like.
Additional Requirements

This part of your assessment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Length: 3-5 pages. Strive to be as detailed as possible in addressing each of the policy’s components above.
  • Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly and professional. Your writing should be:
    • Concise and logically organized.
    • Free of errors in grammar and mechanics.
  • Resources: If you use a source in the text of your policy, you need to reference it. The last page of your policy should be your reference list. Format all citations and references in accordance with current APA guidelines.
PowerPoint Presentation

This part of your assessment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Audience: Create a presentation suitable for the upper management of your selected organization.
  • Length: 8-12 slides, including speaker’s notes and title and references slides.
  • Validation and support: Use a minimum of seven relevant and credible scholarly or professional resources such as the Wall Street Journal to support your work.
  • APA format: Format all citations and references in accordance with current APA guidelines. Refer to the Evidence and APA Campus page for guidance.
  • Complexity: Do not get hung up on adding too many graphics, audio, or video. Select a PowerPoint template appropriate for a professional presentation. Please make sure the background color you choose does not interfere with the font selection and that it is easy to read. Do not overbuild your slides; information that supports and expands on what you say should appear as speaker’s or presenter’s notes.

Note: It is expected that your SafeAssign results for the policy document in Word will have a high percentage match, as you are aligning with legal standards. Your PowerPoint presentation should not be nearly as high. Please make sure you cite your sources within both documents according to current APA style.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be saved as a PDF to properly capture the presenter notes.

Here is how to save PowerPoint as PDF with notes included (Microsoft, n.d.):

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click File > Print.
  • Under Print, click Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Under Settings, click the second box (which defaults to say Full Page Slides).
  • Under Print Layout, click Notes Pages.
  • Click Print.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1: Apply human resource strategies to business needs.
    • Develop an anti-harassment workplace policy.
    • Summarize the reporting, investigation procedures, and how the anti-harassment policies will be communicated to employees.
  • Competency 2: Analyze core functions of human resource management.
    • Explain the legal basis for protecting employees from harassment.
    • Explain other types of harassment, outside of sexual harassment, to consider in a workplace policy.
    • Analyze organizational benefits realized by the anti-harassment policy’s approach.
  • Competency 4: Communicate effectively in a scholarly and professional manner.
    • Describe the types of sexual harassment found in the workplace.
    • Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references.
    • Convey purpose in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.

Microsoft. (n.d.). Print slides with or without speaker notes.

Select one of your worst quality (product or service) experiences

Problem: Select one of your worst quality (product or service) experiences.

Solution: Armed with your knowledge of Quality Management, what would you do to fix that problem ?


1.Briefly describe the experience ~100 words (address who, what, when, where, and impact)

2.Describe your proposed fix using SMART terms ~300 words

3. Total words allowed: 400


Total words allowed:500

Submit via BB

Writing style should be a formal style to address a CEO and Board. e.g. don’t use “I was frustrated because…, or “I would…”

Requirements: 500 words

 The assignment doesn’t specifically says that but in questions he points “Armed with your knowledge of Quality Management 

Strategy diagram/chart that includes information from attached


The Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Dynamics and your internal team had the opportunity to review the memo, the workflow analysis, objectives, vision, and mission statements. The project manager is onboard and received the strategy map/data table that identified the key stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities. The CEO has scheduled another meeting next week to review all components of the strategic planning model so far with you and the project manager. The CEO has asked you, the strategic planning manager, to develop a high-level marketing plan that will also include forms of communication you will use to promote the new services. See the attached assignments that connect to this one. The memo, workflow, vision, mission-is attached and must tie together with this. 


Create a marketing and promotion Strategy Diagram/Chart that includes:

  • The identified services (focus area)
  • Research and list key competitors
  • Research and select target markets (Who will you promote your idea to?)
  • Draft a promotional message (clear, brief, informative, and persuasive) that conveys information about the services/product the company will provide
  • Identify modes of communication (How will you present the new idea/service to your target audience?)
  • Create the projected marketing and promotion budget
  • Your assignment should include a title page, a reference page, and a minimum of two internet sources and one scholarly source, which must be from one of the attached papers. 

Rubric; -Comprehensively identified the services (focus area).  -Comprehensively researched and listed key competitors.  -Comprehensively researched and selected target markets.  -Drafted comprehensive promotional message.  -Comprehensively identified modes of communication.  -Created a comprehensive projected marketing and promotion budget.  -Used and identified three or more credible and relevant sources.