least one broader social issue B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

least one broader social issue B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

I. Goal of the Papers

The goal of these papers is to for you to take everything you’ve learned in this course and apply it to a real-life business scenario. All papers will cover the same business scenario. The first two will address different topics addressed in the textbook. The content of the final paper will cover all of the content in the first two plus the two bonus topics. This give you a chance to perfect the first two papers and add your own personal touch.

Here are the general instructions:

  • For Papers 1 and 2, aim for 1000-1500 words. 1500 words is the maximum.
  • For the Final Paper, aim for 2500-3000 words. 3000 words is the maximum.
    • Revise in light of any comments you received on the first two papers and highlight those changes.
  • Submit your paper on Canvas under Assignments.
  • Please anonymize your project by removing your name from the file and the file name! (When possible, I try to grade anonymously to try to mitigate any implicit biases I may have.)

II. Picking the Business Scenario

You are free to pick almost any business scenario that interests you. It can be based on personal experiences, be a fictional scenario (perhaps borrowed from a book or movie), or pertain to a current event. Just make sure that you provide enough basic detail so that someone not familiar with the situation understands what’s going on.

Keep in mind when you pick your case, that you need to pick a case with enough complexity to fill out the required content. So, check out all of the content points for all three papers before picking your topic.

Lastly, there are some exceptions to the topics that you can pick. Here are the exceptions:

  • You may not pick one of the case studies in the book (or any previous edition of the book).
  • You may not pick one of the case studies from discussion.

III. Scoring

Points are allotted for each content letter. They are scored as follow:

  • Full points: Followed instructions and demonstrated understanding of the scenario and relevant ethical considerations
  • Partial points: Did not follow instructions or did not demonstrate understanding
  • 0 points: Did not address a, b, etc.

IV. Pro tip!

Writing can be hard! If you encounter any difficulty, don’t hesitate to send me an email and we’ll work on your paper together.

Paper 2 Content

Include all of the following content in your paper. Points and length suggestions are included. 15 total points are possible.

  • Question and Position (2 pts)
  • Background Facts (1 pts)
  • Discuss who the affected parties are and what their interests are. (1 pts)
  • Narrow View of Corporate Responsibility (2 pts)
  • Broad View of Corporate Responsibility (2 pts)
  • External Checks (2 pts)
  • Argument (3 pts)
  • Objection (2 pts)
  • Other (up to 1 pt subtracted for each)
  • Clearly state the question that you are investigating. Also, clearly state your answer to the question.
  • This should appear immediately at the beginning of the paper
  • Suggested length: 2-3 sentences
  • Summarize the relevant factual points in your scenario.
  • If your scenario is drawn from a current event, include a citation or link to the story you’re working on.
  • Suggested length: 1 paragraph
  • There should be at least two affected parties.
  • Suggested length: 1-2 paragraphs
  • On the narrow view of corporate responsibility, what are the corporation’s responsibilities and to whom are they owed?
  • Include a statement of what the narrow view is.
  • Suggested length: 1 paragraph
  • On the broad view of corporate responsibility, what are the corporation’s responsibilities and to whom are they owed?
  • Include a statement of what the broad view is.
  • Also include a discussion of at least one broader social issue that will be affected by corporate action or inaction on this issue.
  • Suggested length: 2 paragraphs
  • Given our current situation in this country and the world, what are the checks on corporate behavior that are external to the corporation?
  • Given these checks, with what can the corporation realistically expect to get away?
  • Suggested length: 1 paragraph
  • Finally, and most importantly, give an argument for the answer to your question.
    • Aim for a short, clear argument—it should be no more than three premises. (You can number them if you’d like.)
    • Offer brief support for each premise.
    • Remember, this is an exercise in moral reasoning where you arrive at a particular moral judgment (i.e., the answer to your question). Presumably, that means that some of your premises should involve general moral principles and some should involve factual claims.
    • Also remember that the best arguments are valid, sound, and cogent! So try to make sure that your premises guarantee your conclusion, that your premises are true, and that they are likely to be accepted as true.
  • Suggested length: 1-2 paragraphs
  • What is the strongest objection to your argument?
    • Hopefully, you’ve given a valid argument, so the objection presumably will attempt to show that one of the premises is false.
  • Why is the objection ultimately unsuccessful?
  • Organization
    • Make sure that your paper is organized.
    • You can use sections headings such as “Question” or “Background” if you’d like.
  • Clarity
    • Write so that all of your points are clear to the reader. If it helps, imagine that your reader is one of your classmates.
  • Conciseness
    • Don’t go over 1500 words
  • Citations
    • If you use any outside resources, cite them. You don’t have to worry about citation format, just include a footnote that says where you got the idea or information.
    • If you use outside resources, include a bibliography at the end.

    1000 word

9 minute video entitled community assessment windshield survey H e a l t h M e d i c a l

9 minute video entitled community assessment windshield survey H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Activity 2 – Complete Next

Basic Windshield Survey – Rural

Enter Sentinel Town® via the link to begin your virtual experience by taking a tour by car of Sentinel Town®.  Since this is your first tour, select the slowest speed and stay in the car the entire time at least once before getting out of the car. 

As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically those that align with the following demographics and/or subsystems listed in the left-hand column of the rubric. 

  • Describe the characteristics of the people you see in Sentinel Town®. 
    • What are the race/ethnicity distribution, age ranges, and gender mix?
    • Are there signs of poverty or wealth? What are they?
  • Who do you see on the streets?
    • Parent with child, teens, couples, disabled persons?
    • Are there homeless persons, beggars, etc.?
    • Is there anyone in the city you would not expect to see?
  • Are there dogs on or off leash? Are there other animals?
  • Are there churches and other formal religious buildings?
    • What are their denominations?

Compile your observations addressing each item listed in the first column of the rubric.  You are encouraged to add other relevant observations that may not be listed in the first column.

Select a target population of interest and discuss relevant demographic data and health status indicators for this population group.  Identify major health concerns for this target population.  Include a discussion of major health concerns in relation to a global health issue. 

Reading and Resources

acceptable reference notation style H u m a n i t i e s

acceptable reference notation style H u m a n i t i e s

Essay review (1500-2000 words) of Daniel Boorstin’s The Image: A Guide to
Pseudo-Events in America (1961; 50th Anniversary edition, 2012) which will be sent v.i.a google drive.

1) Any references to outside sources (though not required!) must be properly cited using an
acceptable reference notation style (such as Chicago or APA). Students are free to choose any
such style – but must stick to that style, and state which one you chose on the title page.

2) The review must be properly word-processed and submitted on-line through Nexus, in the proper
place, as a PDF document through the dropbox on the Nexus course site. Essays that are not
pdfs must be resubmitted, and late penalties will apply.

3) The review must begin with an introductory paragraph, laying out your initial, overall assessment
of the book. The point of a review is not just to offer your opinion of the book, but to persuade the
reader whether they should purchase and read it themselves. Whatever you think about it, outline
your reasons at the start – this is the thesis of your argument.

4) The second and third paragraphs (no more than 150 words each) must provide a summary of the
contents of the argument that the author makes in Chapters 1 and 2.

5) Then, pick ONE of chapters 3, 4 or 5 in the book, and reread it closely. After briefly summarizing
the argument Boorstin makes in that chapter, decide how well it applies to your experience of
Canadian culture today, illustrating your analysis with examples from current events or social

6) Finally, using Chapter 6 as your guide and framework, in 750-1000 words, reflect on the US
Presidential election from final nomination of candidates to Election Day, including the public
(televised) debates. What kind of image did the Republicans and Democrats try to create in the
public mind of their own candidates? What kind of image of the other party’s candidate did they
try to portray? How much is real and how much is illusion, on both sides?

second wave feminist movement affect american views W r i t i n g

second wave feminist movement affect american views W r i t i n g

write a five (5) to seven (7) page paper explaining how second wave feminism affected American views on women in the workforce and reflecting on the effects of the women’s movement in contemporary society. Use 10 primary resources that I attached here(there are 15 use only 10)No outside resources!!)

Central Historical Question: How did the second wave feminist movement affect American views on women in the workforce?

Begin by considering and explaining the historical context in which second wave feminism emerged. You may wish to consider all assigned readings and lectures regarding the role of women since the 1950s. Then analyze the documents and explain how they illustrate the influence of feminism (or not) on the debate about women in the workforce. Include in your discussion how the documents provide evidence (or not) of change over time in attitudes toward women. Use evidence from the textbook, assigned primary source readings from the last 5-week block, and the primary sources given from the “Organizing Our Lives” chapter. Outside research is not necessary nor welcomed on this assignment. 

Reflection: After considering the primary source documents from 1950-2000, reflect on how the second wave feminist movement shaped your own life experiences, opportunities, or freedoms. 

Lastly, briefly reflect on how the women’s movement has reshaped and impacted the lives of individuals (yourself included). For example, think about how your life experience and opportunities—are they improved by the women’s movement? Altered? Impaired? In your final paragraph, situate yourself as a beneficiary (or not) of the second wave feminist movement. Note: This portion should be no more than a full paragraph; any more than that will not graded as part of your overall page length requirement. In addition, failure to meet the page length requirement will result in a 10 point deduction from grade. 


To prepare for this assignment, carefully read Brown and Shannon, Going to the Source, vol. 2 CAPSTONE: Organizing Their Lives: Women, Work, and Family, 1950– 2000. Attached here  IMPORTANT: You may not use any other outside sources except those specifically listed in the table

In short your essay should do three things:

• Use at minimum 10 of the available primary sources to respond to the prompt.

• Consider how the documents provide evidence of this change over time.

• Brief conclusion: reflect on how the women’s movement has shaped American life including your own.

d2l drop box used W r i t i n g

d2l drop box used W r i t i n g

No plagiarism !!!

all summaries must be typed in word, Font size 12 and must include all the titles from chapters and their different parts clearly as shown below. there is no limit in the number of pages, but clear explanation and sufficient coverage of all the concepts that are expected in order to receive full credit for this assignment. Each student should have at least two summaries on two documentaries of his/her choice per each test , so a total minimum of 6 video reflection assignments for the whole course. there is no limit for the number of submissions but anything extra will be extra credit.

reviews on documentaries need a minimum of 1-2 pages, depending on the documentary extension, double spaced in time Roman numeral 12. if the documentary requires more space to be explained and to elaborate. use length accordingly. points to include on the summaries are: a summary of the main ideas covered in the video, and a personal an elaborated conclusion/ evaluation of the importance and possible impact of the contents of the materials viewed later in history, and any possible link to the present day that the student can find as well as any connections to the globalization process of those ancient societies. All SUBMISSIONS OF EACH DOCUMENTARY WILL BE SUBMITTED ON THE D2L DROP BOX USED FOR CHAPTER SUMMARIES.


Mesopotamia and Babylon:

Kings, from Babylon to Baghdad, 1:

(Time: 42:48 min.



Engineering an Empire:

(Time: 1h.30 min.)

What Ancients Knew: Egypt

https:// 44:32 min.)

Decisive Battles:


(Time: 21:53 min.)

The Hittites:

(Time 1h.58 min.)

The Persians:

Engineering an Empire:

(Time: 44:30 min.)



Troy and “The Iliad”:

The Siege of Troy, Ancient Discoveries.

(Time: 44:27 min.)

“The Odyssey”:


, Clash of the Gods 6/10, Part 1.

(Time: 44:50 min.)


, Clash of the Gods 7/10, Part 2.