ch 5 case study computerized health information

Home Health of America is about to implement the new EHR. This EHR will be used by all of the nurses, nursing aides, therapists, and other staff members who work with patients in the patient’s home. It will also be accessed in the home office for billing and other administrative purposes. The chief executive officer mandated the big bang go-live strategy. He also mandated that the go-live begin on Monday, which is their busiest day. His thoughts were that if the EHR could handle Monday, then it could handle anything. The users ran into several problems on the first day. Some of the functionality did not work, the cellular connections used to connect to the IS did not work at some of the homes, and the documentation was slow, which prevented them from seeing the patients in a timely manner. They had planned for some overtime as they knew that documenting in the new EHR would be slower. The overtime ended up being twice what was expected and they still did not see three of the patients. The decision was made to go back to the paper system while the problems were worked out.

Please see (and use) the attached document to answer the questions.


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