change intervention methods for shaping the future

I Have chosen Lean principle for this project.based on this , please write a paper use APA style.

Method: Lean principles

Why: Lean principles intervention method is crucial to organization success since it provides the channel to address customer concerns while managing operational costs. Change through lean principles is easy to implement hence success objective is sure to be met. The process of the lean tenets transcends to every sector of the business thus requires staff to be change agents. Cost of implementing lean principles is manageable to an organization. Managerial costs in implementing new ideas are a concern to the leadership due to a competitive environment. Customer segments growth will increase with the implementation of lean principles policy. Customer’s desire satisfaction with the products and services offered in the market (Mrugalska & Wyrwicka, 2017).

Method Overview

  • Who developed it and when was it developed?
  • What is it?
  • Why Use It?
  • When to Best Use It? And for Whom?

How to Use the Method

  • What is the method specifically designed to do? • Who should be involved?
  • What do they focus participants’ attention on before, during, and after a change event?
  • What conditions are needed to ensure success for this method?
  • Other issues to consider:
    • How do you best convince leaders in this organization to embrace it?
    • Do you really need senior management’s approval to use this method?

Application of Method

  • Where has this method been used?
  • Provide 2 to 4 brief illustrations
    • The organization – situational overview (if available time period)
    • Why the organization decided to use it o Description of the project/event
    • Outcomes

Evaluation of Method

  • What do you think are the pros/cons or strengths or weaknesses of this method?
  • Suggested resources to learn more about the method, what do you think of these resources?
  • Would you use it? Why or why not? Where might you consider applying it Conclusion
  • What have you learned
  • How does it connect to what we are learning?


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