Chapter 3 discussion forum – added sugars

 In chapter 3, as they introduce the important organic macromolecules, they also discuss several aspects of how they can influence our diet and health. There are discussions of the negative affects of anabolic steroids, concerns about trans fats and the possible evolutionary basis of lactose intolerance. One topic I’d like to have you investigate a little further is the concerns (and misconceptions!) about sugar in our diets. Some diet advice out there suggests we avoid sugars all together, but you now know from the lecture that carbohydrates are an important part of our diets as they provide us with energy. Many foods that naturally contain carbohydrates also contain other important dietary components, like fiber, vitamins and minerals. The problem seems to be with ADDED sugars in our diet. I acached the article to read. 

Consider the following questions as a starting-off point for your discussion post: 

  • Was anything in this article surprising or new to you?
  • Do you think others are well-educated on this issue? Uninformed? Misinformed?
  • Do you feel like you have a better understanding of the issues surrounding sugars in your diet now or are you still confused?

Do a search online to find another article about sugar in your diet. Share the link in your post. Assess the information provided in the article you found. Does it seem accurate based on what you learned in class and read in the article I shared or is it based on incomplete or inaccurate information? Explain. 

Post should summarize your thoughts on what we are discussing. Sometimes (as above) I might give you questions to use as a starting point but you don’t have to comment on all my questions and you are free to bring up other thoughts! 


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