Cisco ccnp route homework questions

This are just Homework Questions the answers don’t need to be too long just enough to meet the questions requirement. I have to post them individually so it has to answer the question.



1 -Two-way redistribution is highly problematic, but may sometimes be required by a network administrator. How would you implement a two-way redistribution? Explain by giving an example of a specific situation that you would want to rectify.


2- You are the administrator of a network running three routing domains: RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF. Due to technical constraints, you cannot change your processes to run one protocol or two protocols in your network. You want to implement a redistribution solution between a pair of domains. Each domain has multiple routers redistributing routes between the pair of domains. Additionally, you cannot use Prefix/length due to maintaining complex configurations. What steps would you take in order to begin to implement a redistribution solution with 2 domains?


3- Given the choice of protocols (RIP, RIPv2, EIRGP, OSPF and IS-IS) in a mid-size network, which protocol would be most appropriate for the size of this network and why?


4 – Does using BGP make it easier to change the ISP provider? Explain why or why not.


5- You have been asked to configure BGP in your network. How do you configure BGP in your network while preventing a common problem, such as the exit router becoming a transit hub? Explain another common problem that you may need to address when trying to configure BGP.


6- Does your ISP charge for BGP use? If you are paying for BGP, how would you minimize the cost of these charges? 


7- BGP uses multiple criteria to determine the best path to a destination. Identify 2 or 3 criteria you would consider in selecting the best path to a destination.


8-  Why do you need to include the GRE Tunnel on top of the VPN Tunnel?