cluster criticism

  • Read Foss Chapter on Cluster Criticism
  • Go over steps in doing these types of criticism on the examples at the end of the chapter.
  • In approximately 4-5 pages, you should (a) briefly describe the text, (b) summarize the theory and/or important concepts we used as our method, (c) explain the results of your analysis (this should be the longest part of your paper), and (d) evaluate whether the speech was effective and also how this theory can be useful for you final paper(here you would say it is helpful. Because it analyze a speech of Obama you could talk more about that). As you will be using materials from the Foss book and other outside sources, you must cite your sources properly according to APA format in the text of your paper and on a reference page.

Please remember for this paper the main goal is to find KEY TEARMS and the Terms that Charing about the key terms. Please let me know if you have any question.

Buddy this teacher is mean and hard grader Please make sure you are doing a great work as usual and Please don’t use big words


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