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Question 1

(1 point)

Identify the type of cloud computing, which provides virtual machines and other abstracted hardware and operating systems which may be controlled through a service API

Question 1 options:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Virtual Service

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(1 point)

Silicon Pvt Ltd is a reputed company, which is having around 1000’s employees working in their company. One day, one of the employees approached the authorized person of the organization claiming that he/she forgot their ID badge and requested the person to allow through a secure door. Whereas the authorized person believed that the person forgot the ID badge and helped the person to go through the entrance by swiping with his/her ID badge. Later on that authorized person realized that the person is a non-employee of the organization and he/she is an intruder who intentionally entered into the company From the above scenario, which of the following comes under the Human-based Social Engineerin

Question 2 options:



Reverse Social Engineering

None of the above

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(1 point)

Identify the command which is used to adjust RSSI range

Question 3 options:

python -i -F MOD_2FSK -F 314350000

python -j -F 314000000

python -r -U “-75” -L “-5” -M MOD_2FSK -F 314350000

python -r -M MOD_2FSK -F 314350000

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(1 point)

Which of the following service uses the port TCP/UDP 53 to enumerate

Question 4 options:

DNS Zone Transfer


NetBIOS Name Service

Global Catalog Service

SaveQuestion 5

(1 point)

Which of the following attack involves in stealing a cloud service provider’s domain name

Question 5 options:


Domain Snipping

DNS Poisoning

d. Domain Hijacking

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(1 point)

The attacker uses the following attack, in order to listen to the conversation between the user and the server and captures the authentication token of the user. With this authentication token, the attacker replays the request to the server with the captured authentication token and gains unauthorized access to the server

Question 6 options:

Session Replay attack

Session Fixation attacks

Session hijacking using proxy servers

Client side attacks

SaveQuestion 7

(1 point)

Which type of DNS record helps in mapping an IP address to a hostname?

Question 7 options:





SaveQuestion 8

(1 point)

Which of the following executing application allows an attacker to modify the registry and to change local admin passwords?

Question 8 options:


PDQ Deploy

DameWare Remote Support


SaveQuestion 9

(1 point)

Identify the type of virus that adds its code to the host code without relocating the host code to insert its own code at the beginning

Question 9 options:

Intrusive Viruses

Transient Viruses

Add-on Viruses

Shell Viruses

SaveQuestion 10

(1 point)

Identify the ports that are allowed by the firewall in an organization

Question 10 options:

Port 443 and Port 69

Port 80 and Port 69

Port 80 and Port 110

Port 80 and Port 443

SaveQuestion 11

(1 point)

In the SQL Injection Characters, which of the following character represents the global variable?

Question 11 options:





SaveQuestion 12

(1 point)

In a computer based social engineering, a person receives emails that issues warnings to the user on the new viruses, worms or Trojan that may harm the user’s system. These kind of computer based social engineering is known as

Question 12 options:

Spam Email

Chain Letters

Hoax Letters

Instant Chat Messenger

SaveQuestion 13

(1 point)

Sam receives an email with an attachment, he downloads the file and finds that it is infected with virus which overwrites a part of the host file with a constant content without increasing the length of the file and preserving its functionality. Which type of virus that the file was infected by?

Question 13 options:

Cavity Viruses

Shell Viruses

File Extension Viruses

Cluster Viruses

SaveQuestion 14

(1 point)

Which of the following sequence is used by the attacker, in the Directory Traversal Attacks to access restricted directories outside of the web server root directory. Select one

Question 14 options:





SaveQuestion 15

(1 point)

In the Command Injection attacks, the following type of attack is used to deface a website virtually. Select one

Question 15 options:

HTML Embedding

Shell Injection

Website Embedding

HTML injection

SaveQuestion 16

(1 point)

Identify the hacking phase in which an attacker tries to gather information about the target prior to launch an attack

Question 16 options:


Gaining Access


Clearing Tracks

SaveQuestion 17

(1 point)

Identify the type of IDS alert that occurs when an IDS fails to react to an actual attack event

Question 17 options:

True Positive

True Negative

False Negative

False Positive

SaveQuestion 18

(1 point)

Which of the following tool can capture RPL related information and live packets from networks in a non-intrusive manner?

Question 18 options:



HackRF One


SaveQuestion 19

(1 point)

The testing that is also called black box testing, which require no knowledge of the inner design of the code is called

Question 19 options:

Fuzzing Test

Function Test

Static Test

Dynamic Test

SaveQuestion 20

(1 point)

Which of the following Hping command used to intercept all traffic containing HTTP signature?

Question 20 options:

hping3 -Q -p 139 -s

hping3 -9 HTTP -I eth0

hping3 -S -a -p 22 –flood

hping3 -F -P -U -p 80

SaveQuestion 21

(1 point)

Identify which of the following detection is used to detect the intrusion based on the fixed behavioral characteristics of the user and components in a computer system

Question 21 options:

Anomaly Detection

Protocol Anomaly Detection

Intrusion Detection System

Signature Recognition

SaveQuestion 22

(1 point)

Roy is a senior penetration tester working in a Gensolutions Inc, a US based company. The company uses the Oracle database to store all its data. It also uses Oracle DataBase Vault in order to restrict user from accessing the confidential data from their database. One day Roy was asked to find all the possible vulnerabilities of the company’s Oracle Database Vault. Roy tried different kinds of attacks to penetrate into the company’s Oracle DB Valut and succeeded. Which of the following attack helped Roy to bypass Gensolutions Oracle DB Vault? Select one

Question 22 options:

Denial of service attack

SQL Injection

Session Hijacking


SaveQuestion 23

(1 point)

At which phase of the Session Fixation attack does the attacker obtains a legitimate session ID by establishing a connection with the target web server.

Question 23 options:

Entrance phase

Session set-up phase

Fixation phase

Final phase

SaveQuestion 24

(1 point)

Identify the rootkit, which helps in hiding the directories, remote connections and logins.

Question 24 options:





SaveQuestion 25

(1 point)

Which type of attack that search for the web server login passwords by using the alphabetical letters, symbols and number is called

Question 25 options:

Password Guessing

Dictionary Attack

Brute Force Attack

Hybrid Attack

SaveQuestion 26

(1 point)

In webserver password cracking techniques, The attacker tries every combination of character until the password is broken, such type of attack is known as. Select one:

Question 26 options:

Brute force attack

Dictionary attacks

Guessing attack

Hybrid attack

SaveQuestion 27

(1 point)

ICMP scanning involves in checking for the live systems, which can be done by sending the following ping scan request to a host. If the host is live, then it will return a reply.

Question 27 options:

ICMP Echo Reply

ICMP Echo Ping

ICMP Echo Request

ICMP Echo host

SaveQuestion 28

(1 point)

Identify the following technique, in which the attacker use drones to detect open wireless networks

Question 28 options:





SaveQuestion 29

(1 point)

In the URL encoding scheme, the URL is converted into a valid ASCII format, so that data can be safely transported over HTTP. Which character is used in the URL encoding followed by the character’s two-digit ASCII code, which is expressed in hexadecimal?. Select one

Question 29 options:





SaveQuestion 30

(1 point)

Which of the following attack allows Android users to attain privileged control access with in Android’s subsystem

Question 30 options:




App Sandboxing

SaveQuestion 31

(1 point)

From the following, identify the attack in which an attacker exploit default configuration and settings of off-the-self libraries and code.

Question 31 options:

Operating System Attack

Misconfiguration Attacks

Application-Level Attack

Shrink-Wrap Code Attacks

SaveQuestion 32

(1 point)

Using which port the attacker can compromise the entire network, and receive a copy of every packet that passes through a switch

Question 32 options:


TAP Port

UDP port

TCP port

SaveQuestion 33

(1 point)

Run the following ‘nbtstat’ command, in order to get the content of NetBIOS name cache, the tables of NetBIOS names and their resolved IP addresse

Question 33 options:

. nbstat .exe -e

nbstat .exe -t

nbstat .exe -c

nbstat .exe -i

SaveQuestion 34

(1 point)

Google supports several advanced operators that help in modifying the search. Which of the following Google advanced search operator displays the web pages stored in the Google cache

Question 34 options:





SaveQuestion 35

(1 point)

In which type of Social engineering technique does an attacker secretly observers the target to gain critical information such as passwords, credit card information, etc.

Question 35 options:


Shoulder surfing

Dumpster diving

Impersonation on social networking sites

SaveQuestion 36

(1 point)

Jack, a skillful hacker targeted a major banking services firm located in Japan, using the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) tool, Jack made the number of HTTP requests rise to a high level, which made the victim’s server with the number of requests and resulted in failure of server responding to the request and crashed. Which type of attack Jack performed in the above scenario?

Question 36 options:

Social engineering attack

MITM attack

Packet Injection attack

DoS and DDoS

SaveQuestion 37

(1 point)

In Code Breaking Methodologies, which of the following method involves the use of social engineering techniques to extract cryptographic keys

Question 37 options:


Trickery and Deceit

Frequency Analysis

One-Time Pad

SaveQuestion 38

(1 point)

From the following identify the technique through which an attacker distributes malware on the web by sending a malware attached email and tricking the victim to click the attachment.

Question 38 options:

Social Engineered Click-jacking

Spearphishing Sites

Spam Emails

Drive-by Downloads

SaveQuestion 39

(1 point)

From the following TCP Communication Flags identity the flag which Initiates a connection between different hosts.

Question 39 options:





SaveQuestion 40

(1 point)

Which of the following term is defined as the process of installing a modified set of kernel patches that allows running third-party applications not signed by the OS vendor?

Question 40 options:





SaveQuestion 41

(1 point)

Attacker uses the ‘%00’ character prior to a string in order to bypass detection mechanism. Identify the type of evasion technique used by the attacker.

Question 41 options:

Case Variation

URL Encoding

Null Byte

Obfuscated Codes

SaveQuestion 42

(1 point)

Identify the type of vulnerability assessment used to determine the vulnerabilities in a workstation or server by performing configuration level check through the command line.

Question 42 options:

Active Assessment

Network Assessments

Host-Based Assessment

Application Assessment

SaveQuestion 43

(1 point)

In the Permanent Denial-of-service, the attacker will uses the ‘Bricking a system’ method, in order to __________

Question 43 options:

Send fraudulent hardware updates to the victims

Launch a massive denial of service attacks and compromise websites

Exploit weaknesses in programming source code

Send malicious email attached to the victi

SaveQuestion 44

(1 point)

Which of the following cryptographic attack technique involves extraction of cryptographic secrets (e.g. the password to an encrypted file) from a person by coercion or torture

Question 44 options:

Chosen-ciphertext Attack

Ciphertext-only Attack

Adaptive Chosen-plaintext Attack

Rubber Hose Attack

SaveQuestion 45

(1 point)

In which of the following mobile platform vulnerabilities, unsolicited text/email mssages sent to mobile devices from known/ unknown phone numbers/email IDs.

Question 45 options:

Mobile Phishing

SMS Spam

SMS Phishing

Mobile Spam

SaveQuestion 46

(1 point)

Which type of rootkit is used to hide the information about the attacker by replacing original system calls with fake ones?

Question 46 options:

Application Level Rootkit

Library Level Rootkit

Boot Loader Level Rootkit

Hardware/Firmware Rootkit

SaveQuestion 47

(1 point)

Cloud Pent Testing is not allowed for one of the following Cloud Computing type, as it might impact on the infrastructure

Question 47 options:

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

SaveQuestion 48

(1 point)

Which of the following statement is true for Service Request Floods A. An attacker or group of zombies attempts to exhaust server resources by setting up and tearing down TCP connections B. It attacks the servers with a high rate of connections from a valid source C. It initiates a request for a single connection

Question 48 options:

ONLY An attacker or group of zombies attempts to exhaust server resources by setting up and tearing down TCP is true connections

Both It attacks the servers with a high rate of connections from a valid source and It initiates a request for a single connection are true

Both An attacker or group of zombies attempts to exhaust server resources by setting up and tearing down TCP connections and It attacks the servers with a high rate of connections from a valid source are true

Only It initiates a request for a single connection is true

SaveQuestion 49

(1 point)

Switch Port Stealing sniffing technique uses the following attack to sniff the packets

Question 49 options:

MAC flooding

ARP Spoofing

DHCP attacks

DNS poisoning

SaveQuestion 50

(1 point)

Vulnerability management life cycle is an important process that helps in finding and remediating security weaknesses before they are exploited.

identify the phase that involves the remediation.

Question 50 options:

Pre-Assessment Phase

Vulnerability Assessment Phase

Risk Assessment Phase

Post Assessment Phase



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