College admission essay | Education homework help

My names Nader Zarazel. My mom is from Egypt. My freshman year I ended with a 1.7 GPA but after my sophomore year I ended with a 3.2, I believe that′s is a good topic to center around as it shows my hard work but it doesn′t has to be the main topic. I do gardening in Eco Club. Passed my AP Human Geography final test with a 3. Taken AP classes all 4 years. Have taken at least 1 or more medical-related classes since freshman year. Applying for Biomed engineering but it’s not really something I have set in stone. In the 3rd year of Biomed science class, medical interventions. They said: ″allow us to get an idea of who you are beyond your grades, classes, and test scores. Use this as an opportunity to tell the admission committee something about yourself that the application hasn′t already covered.″ Sorry if this is a lot I′m just trying to make this easy to write and not just a vague paper. Thank you!!!