communications plan for brand

You have been hired as a marketing consultant to help one of the real companies below develop a communications plan for a new product that it is launching outside of its normal sector. First, you will need to select one of the companies listed below. Second, you must determine the sector of the new product this company is launching, so you will select a different sector than the one the company normally operates in. For example, if you select Samsung, which is in Sector 1, you might decide to launch a product in the fashion sector, which is Sector 5.

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 4

Sector 5

Sector 6

Sector 7
















The exact product that is going to be launched is up to you, but any communication produced by your chosen company to support the new product launch must be consistent with agreed-upon standards in terms of:

  • The image that the company portrays through its brand values
  • Cultural standards of the country where the communication is targeted
  • Legal or political constraints of the country where the communication is targeted

Provide a brief (2 paragraph) overview of your proposal including all of the following: your chosen company, the types of products it currently markets and the sector in which it current markets those products (refer to the above table), the product you are launching using the brand you have selected, and the market sector in which you will be launching that product. Provide feedback on peer proposal.

on a second document for the product

The value of the brand lies in the way it is perceived by its audience, because brand reputation exists in the minds of those who have knowledge of that brand. A brand represents a promise to the consumer about the product and/or company. In particular, it suggests particular associations with regard to the social, emotional, and/or aesthetic qualities. It embodies what people think and feel about that company. Moving into a new market can cause those perceptions to be questioned. Evaluate some of the communication challenges that you are likely to face in the new market with the new product. In particular, provide:  An overview of the potential communication challenges you could face  An explanation of the product you intend to launch, detailing: o The rationale for your choice o How the new product will fit into your chosen brand  An explanation of the market sector you will be targeting, detailing why you have selected that market


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