Community Health Program Assignment

Community Health Program Assignment

Instructions Community Health Program Paper Section #2 This is the second of three sections, in this section you will share more about your community and the need you have identified. Below I will break down each element that will need to be included in your paper to earn an exceptional grade. The elements in bold are your subtitles and they need to be included in your paper. Please let me know if you have any questions. will be used for all assignments in NUR 624 Only submit section 2, not section 1 from week two Times New Roman 12 Font Running head and page number Title Page Abstract is not required Reference Page Appendix Page Health Need Program In this section, you will share an overview of the program that you have created to address the health need that you identified in your week two paper. Community Health Program Assignment


Elements that must be included: Share the name of your created program and the Community or State that your health need program will take place in. If you create a logo you can reference it and place it in the Appendix. Please make note that your program must demonstrate culturally competency. The Community Toolbox is a great resource. Describe in fine detail what your program looks like, examples may include sharing funding, location, community leaders (elected, spiritual), handouts, the curriculum of an educational program. Break every element down; it will be important for your public health leader to have a detailed outline of your program. The richer the detail, the greater the likelihood of the public health leader implementing your program. Public Health Leader Share who the public health leader is that you would like to present your program to and why you selected them. (Outside of the hospital setting) Logic Model Discuss your logic model, as well as highlighting the elements you included and why. Place your logic model in the appendix of the paper. Community Health Program Assignment



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