complete interview paper for health course no plagiarism

In this assignment I would like you to interview someone of a different generation than you. Develop a list of 12 questions and answer them yourself. The ask the same questions to someone else of a different generation. You can go up or down in age just make sure they are in a different stage of Erikson than you are in. Make sure you provide your list of questions with both answers ( yours and interviewed person) The second part of the paper is analyzing the answers they posed and how they relate to Eriksons level of psychosocial theory. I would use a source at this point referencing Erikson. Your paper should be 2 pages not including a title and reference page. Please cite at least 1 scholarly source NOT website. Keep in mind your questions should be geared to SHOW a difference in gernational age. Ie. What is your favorite color- is a bad question. Ie. What is your opinion on adolescents today? Is a GOOD question.


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