complete part a and part b

Hundreds of millions of songs and videos are illegally downloaded every month and about one-quarter of all Internet users have downloaded a movie from the Internet. Research this topic and post your answers to the following questions in the Free Music and Videos CLASS (not GROUP) forum:

  • What do you think might happen if this situation doesn’t change?
  • Is downloading music or videos without paying any different ethically than shoplifting CDs or DVDs from a store? Why or why not?
  • Is there a solution to this problem that could make everyone happy?

Include in your post at least two sources (books, magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, web sites). List your sources at the end of your essay using either the APA Citation Guide at ITE 115 Library Resources/APA Citations or the MLA Citation Guide at ITE 115 Library Resources/MLA Citations. Then, clearly relate your sources to your essay by including the author’s last name after the sentence or paragraph where you referred to the source (Highlight or boldface the author’s last name so I can find it easily within your essay). This should be done for each source. Note that Wikipedia cannot be used as a direct source.

Part B:

Although 90% of all desktop computers use Windows as their operating system, there are two popular alternatives – Apple’s Mac OS and the Linux open-source operating system. In this assignment, you will investigate an operating system other than the one you usually use to see how it handles common operating system functions.

  1. Find a friend, relative, or co-worker with a computer that uses an operating system that you don’t usually use (Windows, Mac OS, or Linux). Try out the operating system, and observe how it works compared with the operating system that you normally use. Pick the 4 or 5 things you do the most and use those in your comparison. Some examples might be organizing files, creating documents, accessing the Internet, using e-mail, uninstalling software, etc. Do not compare two different Windows systems (for example, Windows 8 and Windows 10).
  2. Post a report of your experience to the Test Drive CLASS forum. Include the following in your report:
    • The name and version of the operating system you tested, and the name and version of the operating system you normally use.
    • Your list of the 4 or 5 things that you tested.
    • A description of how you tested each process, what you observed, and how it differed from what you normally experience.


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