Conflict management

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of competition

Conflict management styles are ways through which an existing conflict can be resolved.
The styles include; collaboration, accommodation, avoidance, compromisation, and competition.
Competition style is one that ignores the concerns and position of the opponents(Wilmot &
Hocker, 2011). The conflict is won by all means available such as rank in terms of authority and
position or political power. It is most appropriate when the aim is of quick action, there is no
hope of coming to a consensus with the conflicting party, the outcome is critical and the party is
sure it is the right decision. A party that uses this style makes sure the opponent accepts its
decision and acknowledges its power (Eilerman, 2006). The strategy is cultured by early
childhood upbringing, where to obtain wealth and social power one has to be aggressive,
demanding and assertive. However, some people result in using the competing style to deal with
their disagreement and power to intimidate others.
The competing style of conflict management has various advantages such as bringing to
an end of conflicts that concern the safety of individuals, It protects important interests of the
party that cannot be compromised. The style gives a party the freedom to make the right
decisions that are vital compared to preserving its relationship with the other party. The
competing style gives leaders the power to act when their position and authority are been
challenged. It helps in downsizing enforcing rules, cost-cutting, and administering discipline to
conflicting parties. It also demonstrates a solid leadership with the ability to implement and
uphold strategic changes that are in line with the goals of an organization. Inappropriate use of
the competitive style of conflict management can lead to negative repercussions. These negative
impacts include; Strained relationships that result in retaliation and resentment. It can hinder
consultations and discussion of alternatives to solve problems in the future since the other party
still hold a feeling of intimidation.


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