conflict resolution 32

The conflict chosen for this assignment is: Gender Conflict in Marriage (Reading attached)

Identify, describe, and analyze the conflict in detail. Here are some of the questions to consider.

    • Why did you select this chapter? What is it important to you?
    • Who are the parties involved?
    • What are the relationships between the parties?
    • What are the issues?
    • Is culture a factor in this conflict?
    • Is gender a factor in this conflict?
    • What emotions are involved in the conflict?
  • Identify variables within the institutional structure that may have contributed to this conflict. In other words, how have factors within this structure—especially in relation to the hierarchy of the structure and how the structure itself is structured—contributed to the conflict?
  • Discuss how this conflict was resolved (if it was resolved). Describe the strategies that were used to resolve the conflict.
  • Evaluate the strategies that were used to resolve this conflict, if any. What worked, and what did not work? Explain why. Discuss any problems that resulted from the fact that the resolution to this conflict was less than ideal.
  • Propose a new, detailed strategy for resolving this conflict that you believe would be more effective than the resolution that was reached. Determine what you believe to be the most appropriate way to resolve this conflict. Questions to consider as you develop your new strategy include:
    • Did you consider all parties involved?
    • Did you anticipate obstacles to your plan?
    • Will the parties involved buy into the plan?
    • Will the parties involved be satisfied with the outcome?
    • What are the alternatives?

Important: Your project must incorporate material from at least three of the five sources you used for your The Significance of Institutional Conflict assignment from Unit 8 (attached). In addition, your project should draw upon at least one theory (and preferably more) that was discussed in your textbooks. Demonstrate that you understand what you have read by applying it effectively to discussing your conflict and resolutions to this conflict.

In addition:

  • Post to u10d1.
  • Reflecting upon your own course experience, select one strategy you could immediately apply to a situation in your life.
  • Include one slide that lists your sources in APA format. Anything you have consulted online or in print such as a graphic, photo, quotation, et cetera, must be properly cited!

Assignment Requirements

  • Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA guidelines
  • Presentation Requirements: 5–7 minute PowerPoint with visual (graph, graphic, photo, et cetera)
  • Sources: Incorporate at least three of the readings you used in The Significance of Institutional Conflict discussion from Unit 8 (attached).
  • Font and font size: Arial, 14-point or as appropriate for the slide. Avoid crowding the slide with too much text—it should not look like a printed page!


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